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A typical PBX is comprised of many different standalone components that are connected by the system. Hybrid phones, video conferencing equipment, and email servers are just some of the apparatuses that your PBX interconnects to improve the overall functionality of your business. There are three primary advantages that a Cloud PBX system has over traditional PBX in terms of unifying your company.

More Complete Synergy

As we host the "Cloud PBX" system, Dynamic Call Solutions will keep track of all of the various components and solidify the interconnected and interdependent framework to enhance overall productivity. Different machines communicate with each other in a way that is more user-friendly and functional, so your business will no longer have to suffer from semi-compatible technologies.

Our hosted solution will route calls to the mobile devices of employees who are working in the field. Your employees will no longer be forced to provide clients with alternate numbers for when they are outside the office. Since the employee can be reached wherever they are via their office number, your company will portray a stronger, more unified image.

Better Systems Management

A PBX system will grow overtime; new technologies become available and end up as a mixture of different components provided by different companies. This means that when a problem occurs, you often need to contact 2 or 3 different companies to fix it. For instance, if you have an issue with your system, you may have to deal with both a telecommunications carrier and your hardware solutions provider. This can be frustrating; instead of the companies working together to find the needed solution, they resort to pointing the finger at each other. Dynamic Call Solutions has eliminated this problem by being the only company you will need to contact.

Easier and Often Less Expensive Billing

With Dynamic Call Solutions as the provider and caretaker of your Cloud PBX system, you will be able to manage all of the previously individual costs from one account, significantly reducing the headaches of tracking and managing the numerous expenditures associated with a traditional PBX. Our company provides all the services you require at a significantly reduced cost. Instead of dealing with a handful of different service providers, you will consolidate the services into a far more manageable account.

In short, Cloud PBX enhances every aspect of why PBX systems were invented in the first place. To save money on internal communications and provide a more integrated work environment by decreasing downtime and increasing manageability.

Managing Multiple Locations

Does your business have multiple locations and use Legacy PBX systems to connect them? If so, you may want to talk to your IT department about the benefits of updating your system to a Hosted-PBX. IT personnel who are responsible for the maintenance and smooth operation of internal corporate communications can run into difficulties with PBX systems. They must travel to the location where the problem occurred, and different locations often have hardware from different vendors. The distance and incompatibility of different systems costs you time and money.

By switching to a Cloud PBX system, your IT department will be able to:

Start Up New Locations Quickly

As the technology is cloud-based, it is easy to gain access to the system and set up a new location via an easy-to-use browser gateway.

Ease of Management

Because the technology is software-based rather than hardware-based, the IT department can access the system from any computer terminal or smartphone to manage accounts. This means no wasted money or time traveling to other locations.

No More MPLS

Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) directs data from one node to another by using short path labels to quickly access data. However, managing such a network is very time consuming and costly. Cloud PBX systems allow all voice traffic to simply travel through the Internet and no longer requires the use of MPLS.

In short, a Cloud PBX system will make your IT department more efficient, which means your company will save money. The IT department no longer has to travel to remote locations because they can access the information and tools they require, and Dynamic Call Solutions takes care of the rest.


The world of business changes, expands, and contracts on a daily basis. Seemingly out of nowhere, you can get a rush of business ventures that have to be dealt with immediately. But, is your team and equipment capable of handling change at the breakneck speed that you need to satisfy your clients? You may have to create a new department, downsize others, hire new employees or have rapid access to new technology that your industry requires. That is why you need a communication system that can be modified easily and quickly.

On-premise PBX systems are very cumbersome when it comes to making rapid change. On the other hand, a Cloud PBX system offers:

Rapid Response

When time is of the essence, you can't afford to wait. If you have an on-premise PBX system, then changes are made by service providers and that can take days if not weeks to organize. In addition, you have to send an IT expert to a new location just to create a simple set up. Alternatively, a Cloud PBX system allows the IT personnel to take care of these concerns from anywhere a data connection is available.

Near Unlimited Call Capacity

If your company uses Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines, then you are limited to 23 simultaneous calls per PRI. A Cloud PBX system, on the other hand, allows you to have virtually limitless calls going simultaneously, be they outbound or inbound.


With the ability to change the functionality of your Cloud PBX at a moment's notice, it is no surprise that it is preferable to on-premise PBX. If your company is growing rapidly, and you need a function that is not part of your current package, all it takes is a quick call to our support team at Dynamic Call Solutions, and we will modify your account within minutes, not days. On-premise PBX systems often require changes in hardware, forcing the purchase of new components, the costs associated and the time needed to have them installed in your on-premise PBX. Hosted-PBX delivers what you need via software without any time-consuming physical labor.

In short, Cloud PBX gives you the power to adapt your communication systems to the daily needs of your business.

Fiscal Difference

Implementing a Cloud PBX system saves you both time and money, not only at the time of installation but in the future as well.

Immense Savings in Initial Setup

The hardware for an on-premise PBX is no small expense. You need to dedicate space for the system, install separate wiring for communication and data transfer, and purchase additional equipment for the foreseeable future (i.e.: new employees). If your company has numerous sites, then the cost is multiplied, which is why many companies cannot afford to have a PBX at every location. A Cloud PBX system eliminates the need for expensive hardware and separate wiring.

In short, Cloud PBX removes many of the expenses associated with PBX while, at the same time, providing high availability and a better customer experience.

Freedom Of Movement

According to the Pew Research Internet Project, 90% of American adults have cell phones and 58% have smartphones. Since the report was published in January 2014, you can be absolutely sure that the numbers have increased. The world is becoming mobile, and businesses must take stock of this fact and make changes to their existing infrastructure accordingly, or they will be left in the dust.

Companies need to be able to use this technology to increase productivity and connect clients to employees no matter where they are. Dynamic Call Solutions will allow your company to maximize the benefits of smartphone technology.

Superior Employee Access

Sometimes your employees are on the road, in a remote location, or they work from home. With a Cloud PBX system, they can access everything they need from a laptop and an internet connection, allowing them to work as if they were in the office. Even more functional and time saving, the same can be done with a smartphone.

Unify Your Company

Our system can be set up to follow your employees wherever they go. If they are out of the office, calls will be redirected to their cellphone. Your employees will no longer have to give clients multiple numbers. By providing one number to represent your company, you secure a more professional image of your company and its interests.

In short, a Cloud PBX system allows your employees to access all necessary functionality with a smartphone and have a single phone number to represent your company.

Continuous Updates And Greater Control

Traditional PBX systems usually come with a limited feature set due to the nature of their makeup. Because new wires have to be installed, as well as software bundles and hardware components to update the system, there are always additional costs. Even some Cloud PBX providers charge for basic features that cost the company little to nothing to implement. This is, of course, a significant concern for any business that wants to have an up-to-date system.

Dynamic Call Solutions Will Give You the Service You Need:

We make sure that all of our Cloud PBX clients receive all the necessary features for their business to thrive. The main packages offer every feature that the average business could need without having to pay for services you will never use. Other features, specific to particular industries such as call centers, can be easily added on for businesses that need it.

On the surface, it might seem that having a PBX system on site would give you more control; however, this is not true. One important distinction with a cloud-based system is that you can take control of your system from wherever you are. This is an essential tool for executives that frequently travel but still want to manage their business as if they were in the office. Another important aspect is that you do not have to deal with a third party to add new employees, manage departments or make changes to the system.

For a list of the features we provide and the differences between our packages, please click the links above.

Take Control Wherever You Are

You can check the status of your company's telecommunication from your smartphone or laptop no matter where you are. Is there an emergency meeting with a client and you only have the length of a car ride to rearrange your schedule? Was there another important call you were supposed to take? Through each user's own web-based interface, you'll have the ability to redirect calls to your next in command without breaking stride. And, that is just a taste of the managerial power you now have in the palm of your hand.