No Contract Business Communication Systems in Montreal QC


The communications system is the circulatory and nervous system of a company; the employees are the heart, management is the brain and clients are the muscles that allow a business to move forward. However, without a good communication system a company cannot properly organize itself. It will end up being disjointed in its movements unable to fulfill its purpose.

Of course, not all communication systems are equal. To get the job done with efficiency in today’s marketplace a company needs to use all the tools at its disposal. DCS provides all the necessary services to get your Montreal business up and running with our specialized telecommunication systems.

Streamline your Company with these Communication Features

Auto Attendant: also known as a digital receptionist, this feature allows clients to reach the correct person without having a staff member act as the intermediary.

Call Parking: allows customers to be on hold without taking up an extension.

Conference Calls: have meetings, interviews or events with people from across the city or around the world.

Call History: be able to check a client’s complete call history at a glance.

Call Recording: excellent for training purposes as well as allowing employees to focus on the client instead of note taking.

Easy Integration: our systems integrate seamlessly with Microsoft, Zoho or an office communication server (OCS).

Call Queue: no more busy signal for clients. They will be placed on a waiting list until a representative can attend to them.

Softphone or Hardphone: choose between a physical telecommunication operating device or a softphone which is integrated into your computer system. Softphones reduce the cost of equipment while providing you with all the features as a traditional hardphone.

And many more: To see a list of all of the features we offer please click here