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In the world of business one needs to always focus on what is important. For us, what is important is our clients and their satisfaction. We owe our clients the continued success of our business in Montreal and it is for them that we make sure to never waver in our commitment to excellence.


There are many reasons why a business should choose a Cloud PBX system over a traditional on-premise PBX. We invite you to click on the link below to see why so many businesses are making the switch to a Cloud PBX solution.


High Availability/ “Five 9s”: Utilizing our Cloud PBX system means that the heart of your communication infrastructure is secure in our data center. Managed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by our team of telecommunications experts, we provide our clients with “Five 9s” availability. This means that our network is reliably working for your company and its interests 99.999% of the time. More precisely, our system averages a downtime of 5.26 minutes per year, 25.9 seconds per month, or 6.05 seconds per week. You can rely on Dynamic Call Solutions to keep your business running.

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Dynamic Call Solutions Will Give You the Service You Need: We make sure that all of our Cloud PBX clients receive all the necessary features for their business to thrive. The main packages offer every feature that the average business would ever need without having to pay for services you will never use. Other features, specific to particular industries such as call centers, can be easily added on for businesses that need it.

*All prices are in Canadian dollars.

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Packages to suit your individual needs at one low monthly price.
Forget about buying servers, cables and other costly equipment

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Once you've setup your account and purchased the appropriate package, you will receive an email from us explaining the process to get started. If you need us to setup your PBX environment please send an email to support@dynamiccallsolutions.ca and one of our technicians will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements.
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