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The business world is many things: fast paced, exciting, innovative, and challenging. But above all else, the business world is competitive.

In this world of user friendly technology which provides customer engagement in your area and around the world, it’s not enough to be a good business. You also have to be seen as better than your direct competition.

But how do you do that?

One way is to have excellent customer service and superb communication between different departments (also known as synergy).

Dynamic Call Solutions is the company that provides the businesses of Montreal access to advanced communication systems that can bolster the infrastructure of your company and increase synergy.

Hosted PBX is Montreal’s Communication Solution

PBX is an acronym for a private branch exchange system. Introduced in 1930, a PBX allows businesses to have a telecommunications system specific to their company, providing the options of call transferring, auto dialing, direct inward dialing and more.

Today, PBX’s are the arteries that allow businesses to survive in this fast paced world. Furthermore, modern PBX systems cost less and do much, much more.

The primary factor in lowering cost has been the advent of hosted PBX. That is, instead of having to store your PBX system at your Montreal office, the PBX system is maintained and kept by the provider.

Dynamic Call Solutions offers an even better service option by providing PBX that is hosted on a secure Cloud.

By having a Cloud based hosted PBX system you can gain access to your network from your Smartphone wherever WiFi is available

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