No Contract Cable Internet for Homes Montreal QC


“What did you do before the internet?” This is a question that most people 20 and younger ask and it goes to show how much the internet has become part of our lives. People don’t question whether you have internet access anymore, they ask how fast your connection is.

Of course, having the highest speed isn’t necessary for many internet users. What you need is just what works for your particular situation. If it is just for Facebook and the occasional download, then you probably don’t need as much power as avid online gamers or a big family.

However, sometimes you don’t know exactly what you need until you try. That is why it is a good idea to have an internet provider that not only provides excellent service but also the flexibility to meet your changing needs.

DCS: Cable Internet Without a Contract

Dynamic Call Solutions provides the service you are looking for without being trapped into a contract. You gain the flexibility to change your package without hassle. Perhaps you are thinking about moving out of Montreal in a few months if you get that new job? Not a problem if you are with DCS, you won’t have to pay for months you won’t use because you are locked into paying for a year.

A variety of packages to suit your needs

We offer Montreal homeowners a variety of cable internet packages at low monthly rates:

Packages starting from 5 MBPS to 400 MBPS unlimited usage

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