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  • You may use Dynamic Call Solutions’ Services to reach emergency response services by dialing 911.
  • Calls you make using Dynamic Call Solutions Service will be routed to the national call center where a trained agent will assist you in reaching the proper PSAP. You will need to provide your location.
  • Because Dynamic Call Solutions Service operates differently than traditional 911 service, there are circumstances under which 911 may not be available or may be in some way limited in comparison to traditional 911 service.




Such circumstances include:

  • Internet connection failure: If the connection to the Internet over which your Dynamic Call Solution Service is provided were interrupted, you would not have access to Dynamic Call Solutions Service during that interruption and therefore would not have access to 911 service during that interruption.
  • Loss of electrical power: Unless you have a backup system to power both your Internet connection and any device that you use to access your Dynamic Call Solutions Service, you will not have phone service or 911 service during any power outage. Because access to Dynamic Call Solutions Service via any battery powered device requires an Internet connection, 911 service will not be available unless you have a backup system to power your Internet connection even if your device can still operate using battery power.