Our Features

"There are so many easily integrated features that come with DCS service. One of the most popular in our company is having voicemail notification appear in our email application with an actual copy of the recording itself."

-- A Dynamic Call Solutions satisfied customer.

This allows anyone in your company to get to the message even if they are currently using their phone, out on the road or working from home thereby streamlining their productivity. Dynamic Call Solutions has the features you need to simplify your work environment. Below are just some of the feature that we have to offer here at Dynamic Call Solutions. Perhaps you were looking for an addition to our existing platform that is not listed below, simply ask our Sales Representative and if it's out there, we can do it and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

DCS CLOUD-PBX Supported Features

Call Forwarding

  • > Busy/No Answer Call Forwarding
  • > Conditonal Call Forwarding (Call Filtering)
  • > Unconditional Call Forwarding
  • > Call Forwarding Schedule

Auto Attendant

  • > Auto Attendant Schedule
  • > Customizable IVR Routines & Recordings
  • > Multiple Auto Attendants

Add/Remove Forward Destination

Caller ID

Call Waiting

Call Hold

  • Choice of Music or Personalized Recordings while client is on hold.

Call Hunting

  • Round-Robin or Top-Down functionality available.

Find Me/Follow Me

  • > Allows you to automatically forward incoming calls to any phone number, sequence of phone numbers or ring to multiple numbers simultaneously.
  • > Call screening feature can also be used to prompt the calling party for their name, giving the receiving party the option to accept the call or redirect it to voice mail.

Call Transfer

  • > Attended Transfer
  • > Blind Transfer
  • > Intercom Transfer
  • > Transfer to voicemail

Call Park

  • > Park multiple calls at multiple extensions without tying up necessary extensions.
  • > Parked calls can then be picked up from any extension.

Call Queue

  • With Call Queuing, rather than getting a busy signal, your customers are answered automatically and held in a queue for the next available representative.

Call Recording

  • Continuous Call Recording for Training Purposes or Quality Control

Call Scheduling

  • > Global Call Scheduling
  • > Personalized Call Scheduling

Conference Call

  • > Scheduled/Instant Conference
  • > Convene Conference
  • > Invite attendee
  • > Multiple conference rooms

Call Monitoring

  • > Automatic Monitoring
  • > Supervising mode
  • > Tutor mode
  • > Silent Monitoring

Call Pickup

  • > Call Pick up
  • > Call Pick up group

Real-time Call Status View

  • View real time call activity through the client dashboard.

Call Log/Call History

  • > Up to the minute call history.
  • > Monitor the status of all calls and the various responses.

Ring Groups

  • Have inbound calls ring simultaneously at all extensions

Ringer Time Settings

  • > The ring time length is applied to the destination number.
  • > When the specified time is reached (e.g.,after 20 seconds of ring time), incoming calls will be forwarded to the next destination number of your choice.
  • > This can be repeated indefinitely.


  • > Default Greetings
  • > Customizable Greetings
  • > Name Recording
  • > Voicemail Forwarding to email

Integration with Microsoft Lync or Office Communication Server (OCS)

Local Numbers

  • DIDs available for all major cities across Canada (Direct Inward Dialing)

Long Distance Rates Across Canada & U.S.

  • Low per minute rates.

Toll Free Numbers Available

Codes Support

  • > G.711 u-law,A-law
  • > iLBC
  • > G.729 Standard,Annex A