Aastra S850i Lapel Mic


AASTRA S850i Wireless Lapel Microphone for S850i Wireless Conference Phone

Wireless Lapel Microphone for S850i Conference Phone (includes 1 x Wireless Lapel Microphone; optional, not part of S850i kit). The optional Lapel Microphone (purchased separately) allows for presenters to move freely about the room and still be easily heard without having to talk loudly. The Lapel Microphone is equipped with a rotatable clip ideal for attaching to a lapel or shirt.

Product Description

Two wireless tabletop omnidirectional microphones pick up sound from all directions ensuring everyone participating in the conference call can be heard clearly. The wireless flexibility of microphones allows the S850i conference phone to be configured to meet the needs of small, medium or large conference rooms. Microphones are equipped with a mute button, allowing users to mute or unmute microphones separately. They also have an LED indicator which displays the mute status and battery charge level. Microphones can operate in or out of the charger tray during an active call..